How can you change the world if you have never been there?
How can you change the world if you have never been there?
140 countries


56 countries


205 weeks

For World Record

My Mission

Welcome to my documented journey to becoming the youngest person in history to travel to every sovereign nation. I will be traveling to all 196 countries before my 21st birthday in 2019. I aim to show people that the world is not a scary place, every culture is accessible and there is kindness everywhere in spite of political and societal instabilities. I intend to instill a sense of limitless possibilities within the global community by empowering everyone, especially young women, to pursue their ambitions. This is my life’s work, my passion and the path I have chosen to pursue.

I want to encourage people to push their boundaries and try new things because that is how you become passionate about something.

This accomplishment represents something much greater than myself; I could not do any of this without the exploratory, developmental and transportational contributions made by billions of industrious people that came before me. Traveling vast distances quickly and efficiently is a relatively new ability, for hundreds of years people never knew how much was really out there; until now. The world is becoming a smaller place and I feel overwhelming gratitude to have the opportunity to experience the world in a way no one has before and it is my mission to share it with you.


Visiting every sovereign nation on earth requires a lot of tracking and organization. Guinness World Records requires that I follow a unique set of parameters to achieve the world record.

In each of the countries visit I keep my travel receipts, get signatures from official residents, etc etc etc.

If you are interested in finding out more about what’s required, check out this blog:

Asia ( + Middle East)
North America
Central America
South America

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