How can you change the world if you have never been there?
How can you change the world if you have never been there?
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Welcome to my documented journey to becoming the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Sovereign Nation. I will travel to all 196 countries before my 21st birthday in 2019. My ultimate goal is to show people that the world is not a scary place and every culture harbors kindness is everywhere in spite of political and societal instabilities.

“Being lost only means that you’re on a new path. One that you have yet to explore. There is no map or directions, just your gut, heart and mind. You have to take it moment by moment, listening to where you feel pulled to go next. You’ll take some dead end routes, hit some obstacles but the route will be like nothing you’re experienced before, it will be new. Lost might be exactly where you need to be.” 

My mission is to inspire others to choose the path less traveled by breaking down common misconceptions about women, young people and foreign cultures. Traveling vast distances efficiently is a relatively new ability. For hundreds of years people never knew how much was really out there; until now.  The world has never been so connected and I feel overwhelming gratitude to have the opportunity share these experiences with you.

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Visiting every sovereign nation on earth requires a lot of tracking and organization. Guinness World Records requires that I follow a unique set of parameters to achieve the world record.

In each of the countries visit I keep my travel receipts, get signatures from official residents, etc etc etc.

If you are interested in finding out more about what’s required, check out this blog:

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